Sunset at the City of Rocks

Hey folks>>> Tis been a long while since i last blogged but am back. This past weekend i was invited to a birthday party and naturally i cannot leave my camera behind. I didn’t take as much photos till 6pm when the sun went down and my photography appetite grew 100 fold in seconds. Then i got my friends to start posing… and fast since the sun was downing even faster. Enjoy the scene 🙂

Location :: Rock City Gardens – Kiambu Road


Angel makes her way back to the blog and as usual she knows what the camera needs from her 🙂DSC_6598

The Boss Lady!!!


I assure you that she is not a model… she just knows how to pose.


And the high fashion poses walked in!


Code Red!


Mothers and daughters looking lovely.



Elegant is the word.

Shy is the word 🙂DSC_6621

Shoulders high; Back straight; Lights>>> Action!DSC_6625

And my lovely small sister to crown it all off. Loving the sunset here.

God bless you for dropping by. More posts coming soon. Adios! 🙂

Author: Matt Masha

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