The Man in That Wedding

Hey folks! Welcome to a brand new blog entry. This one is informative yet comical to some degree. πŸ˜€

It is traditionally accepted fact that a wedding is centered around the bride… and by extension, the bridesmaids too. The man or men in the wedding become a shadow to the lady or ladies. However, in my humble opinion, a wedding is never complete without a (wo)-MAN in it.

Over the past few months i have had the privilege of spending Saturday mornings with husbands to be, groomsmen, and page boys and here i bring you what goes on behind the scenes for that man who stands shivering at the pulpit, waiting, sweating. You will see expensive watches, belts, cologne, knives (yes i said knives) and so much more.

Welcome to the Man in That Wedding Edition. Enjoy πŸ˜€

G-01The Man has to wake up early, to spruce himself up for you dear lady πŸ™‚G-02He actually spends time on the mirror more minutes than he would normally.

G-03I told you there are knives; they come in handy to tear up suit pockets.

G-04Sometimes, they have to get dressed in a parking lot just to get the wedding.

G-05The best man is a really important asset to the groom . . . he has to have his back, and neck.G-06and his teeth too.G-07The man will wear your kind of colors on the wedding day . . . He is going out of his way to make it a colorful occasion. G-08More knives!G-09The cologne does not come cheap.G-10Neither do the shoes.G-11I will not even speak about the watch. It tells its own tale.G-12

The finest belt available . . . Fit for a King

G-13 And the knives keep on coming.

G-14 Time for some really cool posing.G-15


G-17On average, it takes the men 15 minutes to shower and get dressed. So there is always plenty of time for some much-needed breakfast.G-18And the waiting begins!G-19

and deep thoughts linger . . .G-20


They even have time to goof around  . . . πŸ˜€G-22

G-23and to flex some muscles for the tough day ahead.G-24The jig is inevitable as they, you guessed it; As they WAIT.

G-25Occasionally the page-boy overgrows his shoes bought just 2 days earlier because of the excitement for the day that is to be. So they have to stop by a shoe store to get a new pair. πŸ˜€G-26The waiting can take its toll sometimes.G-27They have to brave the hot sun until you, the ladies, get to the church.G-28

That is how a groom and his men are on the wedding day. So next time you are at a wedding, give them a pat on the back and tell them, “She is Coming”. He really needs to hear that.

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Author: Matt Masha

17 thoughts on “The Man in That Wedding

  1. Masha this are lovely shots! I love! Do you know the guy holding the cologne? looks like Lemmy Maloiy….


  2. Mr Matt, This is some fine work I must say. Good job, I see the camera is turning out to be as expected.


  3. hahaha…so its essentially 15 minutes dress up and the rest of the time is basically waiting around ,….nice piece


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