Candid Moments

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Howdy good people. Welcome to my last blog entry for the month of August. Wedding season is here and i might not blog as often as i would wish but i will do my best.

Candid, as defines it, is being Free from prejudice; impartial; Characterized by openness and sincerity of expression; unreservedly straightforward; and not posed or rehearsed. With that definition in mind, i decided to compile some candid moments that make any wedding memorable. And these moments are the reason you should hire not just any photographer, but a wedding photographer because he/she anticipates them and looks out for those moments and sees them faster and clearer than any other photographer.

Naturally, these moments will involve mostly ladies and children but occasionally a man will let his guard down and have his moment too. 😉 This is the Candid Edition.

kenyan wedding photographer-2As a photographer, sometimes you just have to get a vantage point and a priceless smile will find you.

kenyan wedding photographer-3A submissive bride is a sight to behold.kenyan wedding photographer-4When two people are in love, they develop a language of their own. It’s not spoken!

kenyan wedding photographer-5The Kiss can be so hot, such that the maid of honor‘s eyes can barely stand the heat. 😉

kenyan wedding photographer-6

kenyan wedding photographer-7A son wrapped in the arms of the mother . . . simply beautiful.kenyan wedding photographer-8It gets chilly in the evenings and the bridesmaid still has to smile and rock that dress. 🙂kenyan wedding photographer-9Caption this for yourself please . . .kenyan wedding photographer-10To-Date, I have no idea where that bird came from :D. And no, Photoshop has nothing to do with this photo. Scout’s Honor!kenyan wedding photographer-11

A most delicate moment on the morning of the wedding.kenyan wedding photographer-12

I have no words for this one too. Cute!!!

kenyan wedding photographer-13The Drama, the tension, the intrigues . . . Everything the Kenyan soap opera is comprised of. 😀kenyan wedding photographer-14That special moment between two love birds.kenyan wedding photographer-15Yes this is posed but i just love the genuine joy in their faces.kenyan wedding photographer-16

kenyan wedding photographer-17The Page Boy Pose.

kenyan wedding photographer-18

Lovely girls.kenyan wedding photographer-19

How the two struck the same pose at the same time is beyond me.kenyan wedding photographer-20

kenyan wedding photographer-21 kenyan wedding photographer-22Lovely Family!

kenyan wedding photographer-23Not to be left out of the fun.kenyan wedding photographer-24The bouquet hunter rewarded. 😀

kenyan wedding photographer-25Your guess is as good as mine on what was being whispered.kenyan wedding photographer-26This last one is my favorite. There is nothing that beats a bride walking down the aisle with her father.kenyan wedding photographer-27

I sure hope you enjoyed this edition. Thanks for dropping by and stay blessed. ;). Feel free to leave your comments below and share the link with your friends.

Author: Matt Masha