The Million $ Question

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Hey good people. Today on the blog comes in an interesting entry. Lately i have been getting this question from a lot of people and seeing that i equally have no answer to it, i decided to pose it to the universe. This September i got to photograph my friends’ “Ruracio” – A Kikuyu Tradition Dowry Ceremony – and i am going to pose the question to you too through this ceremony as you enjoy some of the images i took.

And yes i know you want to know what the million dollar question is . . . Drum Rolls  please > > > Ladies and Gentlemen!!!

Who will Photograph Faith & Ben’s Wedding?

I have had this question asked so much lately and i always have no answer for it. However, I do have a few people in mind who are prime candidates for this top job  . . . Yours Truly included too :D. More of that as we wind up. Let’s first get into the Ruracio. Enjoy.

kenyan wedding photographer 02Ben is all about Grand Entry.

kenyan wedding photographer 03

Then he takes some time off to pray for the task ahead.

kenyan wedding photographer 04Even if Faith makes faces at you, the Lady got a man beside her. You would have to go through and over Ben to get to her.

kenyan wedding photographer 05

I ain’t saying nothing.kenyan wedding photographer 06So Ben can serve uji quite well . . . mmmmmm

kenyan wedding photographer 07 Faith is a natural at this. kenyan wedding photographer 08

Cake he can serve . . . most probably because we serve ourselves cake at weddings because we kinda get overlooked a lot :D.

kenyan wedding photographer 09

He Brings his A Game wherever he goes. The men looked impressed!

kenyan wedding photographer 10 Lovely Smiles to light up the room. I hardly needed a flash to take the photos. kenyan wedding photographer 11He is a sweet-talker too.

kenyan wedding photographer 12

These two laugh a lot 😀 😀 😀 :D.kenyan wedding photographer 13

And they get emotional too . . . their choice of tissues to wipe the tears is however quite unconventional :).kenyan wedding photographer 14Then they laugh some more 🙂

And back to the question . . . there are a few people who come to mind that can do this job, that is besides me :D. I will pick just 3 for now. These are solely my own choices, and my favorites.

1. Dotun Ayodeji . . .  he is good. His blog is here.

2. Gathoni Kinyanjui . . . She can already photograph a photographer (at a recent beach wedding). Find her over here.

3. Mutua Matheka . . . The City of Nairobi can already vouch for him. Find him here.

Let me try and paint a picture of what their wedding day will be like . . .


I have no idea who will be the main photographer at this wedding but one thing i know is that my camera is coming along to this wedding with me. And with that i say thanks for dropping by and if you happen to see Ben and Faith, tell them to stop by here and at least attempt to answer this Million Dollar Question. God Bless :).

Author: Matt Masha

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  1. Hi Matt! You photographed the Ruracio beautifully! Many thanks for your commendation. I guess we’ll all find out at the wedding! 😉


  2. Hahaha that last pic is sooo real!!!Whoever u pick will do a great job-or wait,they’ll all be there so they’ll all do a great job:)


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