The Photographer’s Gift

Do you have a friend, a brother, a sister, a cousin, an uncle, an aunt, or even a grandpa who is a professional photographer and you are always wondering what to get them when their birthday comes around?

Well, I might just have a solution for you on this blog post. Professional photographers spend a fortune on their cameras and lenses plus accessories, so I know it would be difficult for a non-photographer to know what to buy for them.

Worry no more because here I have seven Items that every professional photographer needs but always seems to be in constant need of or does not even have them. And the best part of it is that you do not have to break your piggy bank or get a loan to buy these items. All the items are under KES 1,500.

1. A Diary and a Pengift ideas for the kenyan photographer

I think this is the most important accessory any photographer should have. The photographer is always receiving calls and emails for various photography functions and events and thus needs to pen down his appointments to avoid double booking events. You can go a step ahead and have his name or business name engraved on the diary or pen, or both. They will love you forever for this.

2. Lens Cleaning Clothsgift ideas for the kenyan photographer

A small cloth, yet so important. I have seen many photographers, including me, using their shirt or t-shirt to wipe the glass part of the lens. It’s not a pretty sight. Get that photographer a bunch of cleaning cloths from various eye checkup and optical shops around Nairobi. Sure they sell them for cleaning spectacles, but they are also great for their lenses.

3. Wrist Watchgift ideas for the kenyan photographer

Imagine a photographer who has to keep fumbling their hand into their pants while still holding a humongous camera in their other hand, just to check what time it is. He or she clearly needs a wrist watch and for $17, or under, you can get them a really fancy watch in town.

4. Shoulder/Sling Lens Baggift ideas for the kenyan photographer

I want I want I want!!!

This is a must have accessory for a wedding photographer. If you have seen me shoot at a wedding, you must have noticed that I occasionally move back and forth to get this or that lens from my bag. A sling bag makes this so easy such that I do not have to keep moving a lot or communicating with my assistant using sign language. Can you guess what the hand gesture for a lens like the 70-200mm would be? Do not ask me why I do not have it, yet. Go on; get that bag for your favorite photog.

5. CD or DVD Spindlegift ideas for the kenyan photographer

A photographer always needs blank CDs and DVDs. We have gone so “digital” such that we might run the printers out of business in the next 15 years. The question nowadays is more often than not, “When can I get the soft copies?” rather than, “When do I get the prints?”. Get that photographer a spindle of both CDs and DVDs; they always run out when they need them most.

6. Card Readergift ideas for the kenyan photographer

This is a very important gadget that every photographer must have. The photographer just never knows when they will need it. Get a good quality one; do not skimp cash on this item.

7. Internet Data Bundlesgift ideas for the kenyan photographer

And finally, yes, Internet data bundles. Load up his or her mobile number with 1.5GB of data if you can. I cannot mention the numerous times that I have needed internet urgently so that I could reply to an email or research about a photography concept I wanted to try out. One time I needed to send my catalog to a client ASAP via email and I purchased 80MB worth of data for KES 100 and plugged in my modem. I forgot to turn off the antivirus and windows automatic updates on my laptop and Within 2 minutes and 2 clicks of the mouse after connection, I received a message telling me that my data bundles were down to 2MB. Let me end the story there… I think my point is home and dry.

So there you have it; no more telling the photographer that “I did know what to get you; your stuff is like so expensive” in 2014. Thank me later in the year for leaking this information. And if you have any more gift ideas that are under KES 1,500, feel free to add them in the comments section below.

Just in case you are wondering when my birthday is, it’s just seven days away from the day of this blog post. 😀

God bless, thank you for dropping by. Have a great day.
Author: Matt Masha